Sunday, November 18, 2007

Peel Session: Econoline (2002)

Econoline were and indeed still are a London based indie rock combo who formed in 2000. To date they've released two full length albums, first Music Is Stupid around 2001, and second This Band Isn’t Funny Anymore, which due to band lineup and production problems was seriously delayed from its initial 2004 scheduled release and only came out in 2006, by which time the bands original lineup was splitting. The band however, under the leadership of frontman Ian Scanlon decided to keep going and are still recording and playing live. I've personally never heard either of the albums, but I always seem to remember them sounding good from songs heard on the radio, and I believe I saw them do a nice support slot once. Even if I didn't, this session is pretty great in a Braid/Sonic Youth crossover sort of way. This was the bands only Peel session, and was recorded in November 2002 for a December 17th broadcast. More info available on current goings-on at their myspace.

Econoline - 01 Dropper (Peel session)
Econoline - 02 Chicks Dig Scars (Peel session)
Econoline - 03 The Charm Offensive (Peel session)
Econoline - 04 Buddy Bradley (Peel session)


Blogger Ass Hat said...

damn, this lot are still going? i booked them for a gig in oxford in 2000 (supporting billy mahonie i think), but had completely forgotten about them.

6:20 pm, November 18, 2007  

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