Saturday, November 17, 2007

Michael Wookey - New song

I've posted about Michael Wookey before, but as he's a friend of mine and i've got uber-l33t insider access, i'm now lucky enough to be able to provide you with a listen to one of the new tracks which might very well feature on his forthcoming second record. I'm not sure yet whether it's going to be self-released again; Mike recently moved to Paris where he's apparently been getting a really great reception, so hopefully if that goes well it might get a wider release. Other than that, he already has another Paris concert lined up in December, and is also set to release a limited edition live tape through the French label MonsterK7, more info on those at his myspace. To influence those of you who haven't heard him to listen to the song below, some good comparisons might be Sparklehorse and Eels, ie. idiosyncratic one-man-band melancholic pop. If that isn't enough; after supporting The Fall, Mark E. Smith said that he'd sounded 'quite good'. Miracles can happen kids.

Michael Wookey - Nemo


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