Sunday, February 10, 2008

MIT - Coda

Now this is a great LP. For those of you who've been loving the neu-Kraut sounds of Holy Fuck, and enjoy mixing your analogue with your digital and your disco with your punk and all of that modern rubbish, this is your mothers milk. In fact you could use all those descriptors for a lot of stuff thats around at the moment, so let me make it clear that this stuff is the real deal; heavy heavy vibes, Eno-like ambience, Motorik drums, a nice 70s disco vibe and all the rest. This is MIT's debut album, and its coming out on the 17th March on Half Machine. They're a three piece from Berlin and Cologne and I featured one of their singles (Good Book) a few months back (ooh get me). They're doing three London gigs from the 23rd-26th February, and I'd assume from this album that they'd be well worth anyone's time. More info on their myspace or official site.

MIT - Beispiel
MIT - Park


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