Thursday, January 03, 2008

Gossamer Albatross - Self Titled EP

I can't help but like this EP (despite my misgivings about some of it) for its sheer youthful exuberance. Gossamer Albatross are a three piece with an average age of 17 (don't you just hate them already?) who are producing a rather nice blend of nu-folk influenced, they say, by artists such as Final Fantasy and Neutral Milk Hotel. At first it sounded slightly stilted and nervous, but as things went on I realise that there was an ambitiousness to the songwriting that outweighs the efforts of most of their peers and even those far older. Some bits don't work, the vocals still sound a little hesitant and certain parts would benefiit from a bit more instrumental ambition, but overall I was left feeling pretty impressed by the scope of the EP. It's awfully twee in places, but at the same time there's a rather epic Pentangle style Brit folk adventurishness to things that makes it stand out and seem more interesting than you'd initially expect. The EP is out now on Monosound Recordings, and you can get more info on the band on their myspace.

Gossamer Albatross - Held Hands
Gossamer Albatross - Lake Laiture


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