Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Peel Session: Herman Düne (2000)

I'll have to admit to being pretty slow when it comes to Herman Düne. The French anti-folk (damn i hate that 'genre') duo have released about 7 or 8 records now, the first in 2000, and yet it seems to have taken me years to get around to really listen to them despite rather a lot of airplay and sessions from the man Peel. Indeed the band recorded six sessions for the Peel show from 2000 to 2004, pretty impressive work even compared to other Peel big shots like the Fall or the Weddoes. This was their first, recorded September 2000 around the time of the bands Turn Off The Light LP, and I believe it contains a few unreleased tracks. Enjoy!

Herman Düne - 01 Numbers Three (Peel session)
Herman Düne - 02 Don't Look Too Deep Into My Eyes (Peel session)
Herman Düne - 03 How Things Slide (Peel session)
Herman Düne - 04 Stealing The Bride Pt.1 (Peel session)
Herman Düne - 05 Lazy Boys Don't Stand A Chance (Peel session)


Blogger Ben said...

Hey, thanks for posting these!

I think I remember hearing this session on the radio, but haven't heard the songs since...

...although, er, the links don't seem to be working..? Any chance of a fix?

12:48 pm, January 10, 2008  

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