Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hi Kids

Hey folks. Who knows how long i'll keep this going for (seem to have less and less time nowadays for things like this), but I decided to do some more blogging on here. Not as non-stop as in this blog's heyday, but just to use it as a place to highlight whatever music i'm listening to (plus maybe some film stuff too).

As I just moved into a new flat and have very little money to spend on records, I decided that I'd listen to my entire record collection and filter out some of the crap and refamiliarise myself with some stuff I've ignored for a while. As part of that I might possibly do some Prindle/Christgau style mini album reviews on here too. But as I said, don't expect consistency!

For now, as part of the Reeling In The Years feature on Sweeping The Nation I recently did a playlist focusing on music from 1971 so check that out here as it's pretty ace and features some great Bill Fay (him up there ^).


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