Wednesday, July 06, 2005

MP3: Straw / Sailing Off The Edge Of The World & Entire Second Album

Here's a band that I wasn't really that keen on, but that had a really memorable single hit that gets played ever day in the shop I work at, despite the fact that they never had any real success and disappeared really fast, so I thought I would stick it up here.

Straw were a late-Britpop era band from Bristol who were signed to one major label, then dropped, then signed to Warner for a few EP's and their debut album, Shoplifting, and were then dropped before their newly recorded second album Keepsakes could even be released. They were then signed by Columbia, released a single, and were then dropped AGAIN before the same album could be released. Not an amazing band in my opinion, but certainly a blast from the past. Singles included: 4 Songs by Straw EP, Weird Superman, The Aeroplane Song, Moving To California, Shoplifting, Soundtrack Of The Summer and the Homework EP.

Anyway for a contemporary interview see here, and for just about everything else you could ever want to know about Straw look here.

Download: Sailing Off The Edge Of The World - MP3 3.5mb (rapidshare)


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