Wednesday, October 19, 2005

MP3: "Sounds Waves 2" - 3 - Faith No More

Third song from the Sounds Waves 2 EP is a very rare track from Faith No More. This was actually the track that spurred be to buying it, because i'm an absolutely huge Mike Patton/Faith No More fan and yet i'd never actually heard of it. Rather bizarrely, New Improved Song is a demo of the song The Morning After, which wouldn't feature on a FNM album until the Mike Patton helmed The Real Thing, and so in this case features original vocalist Chuck Moseley. Indeed the song was originally recorded for the Introduce Yourself album, and does feature alternate lyrics to the Real Thing version. Guitarist Jim Martin writes that:

"It actually started off being the 'New New Song'. This was because
we already had a song called the 'New Song'. The 'New New Song'
became the 'New Improved Song' very simply because we made some
improvements on it. These were working titles of course.

Which is interesting. Actually this is an odd song because we're used to hearing Patton covering Chuck Moseley songs and usually improving them, so it's pretty bizarre to have Chuck covering what would eventually be Patton. It also features that lovely late eighties/early nineties Matt Wallace production. This song was and still is only available on this Sounds 7". If you're not a Faith No More, you really should be, as in my opinion they were one of the only truly great heavy rock bands of the 90s, and just about the only good band who've ever done what could be termed rap rock. Their fourth album (and second with Mike Patton), 1992's Angel Dust, is a permanent part of my top 10 records of all time.

You can get a good biography from wikipedia, or for a more general and much bigger site try Enjoy.

Download: Faith No More - New Improved Song - MP3 3.01mb (rapidshare)


Blogger Ludo said...

Hi! I were searchin for unknown songs by FNM, didn't found any, then boom! I fall on your blog and you have an unknown song to download then I'm happy then I download then boom! no song! I'm less happy now. Can you fix it please?

1:04 am, January 20, 2006  
Blogger Jamie Summers said...

ah yeh, the rapidshare must have expired, sorry about that.
just re-uploaded it and you should be able to download from:



8:23 am, January 20, 2006  
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