Friday, November 04, 2005

MP3: The Posies - Dream All Day 12"

I discovered the Posies as part of my neverending (hopefully) quest to discover every good alternative rock/grunge band that I missed out on in the late eighties and early nineties. The second I heard their 'Frosting On The Beater' record I knew I had another new favourite band. The best way to describe them is as another of the many bands directly inspired by Big Star, but not a forgettable one. Like Teenage Fanclub, The Posies manage to get past mere imitation and create a perfect blend of sixties pop rock harmony and nineties postpunk edge that can be loved without reference to their influences (although obviously I just did that).

The band formed around the songwriting partnership of vocalists/guitarists Jonathan Auer and Ken Stringfellow in Bellingham, Washington in 1988. That same year they released their debut record, 'Failure', on their own label and later on the Seattle label Pop Llama. The start of the alternative rock explosion led to their signing to Geffen in 1990, and their second album, 'Dear 23', came out later that year, and featured the college radio hit 'Golden Blunders'. Their first album after the grunge explosion really took over Seattle was the classic 'Frosting On The Beater' record, probably their most well rounded and best album, and featuring the hits 'Dream All Day' and 'Flavor Of The Month'. Three years later, and with a new rhythm section, the band released the underperforming yet excellent 'Amazing Disgrace', the poor sales of which led to their being dropped from Geffen. They returned to Pop Llama for their intended last album, 1998's 'Success', before splitting up and taking part in solo projects. In 2000 a greatest hits record came out on Geffen, a four disc box set of rarities came out, as did a live album and an acoustic live album. After more solo projects the band reformed in 2004 and this year released a new album, 'Every Kind Of Light', on the lovely Rykodisc. Auer and Stringfellow are also notable for being part of the reunited Big Star, both in its live incarnation and on the new Big Star record, this year's 'Big Star In Space'.

The MP3s I've uploaded are the four tracks from Dream All Day 12" that I managed to pick up in Oxfam music a few weeks back. That means there's a lovely bit of vinyl crackle on there (nice on the first three tracks, slightly annoying on the fourth), which just adds to the super sixties pop trip the band are on. Dream All Day itself is just such a GREAT song its untrue. Totally a lost classic single of the nineties. The second track, 'How She Lied By Living' is also from Frosting, and is just as superb. The other two tracks are exclusive demos, and are well worth a listen.

For more info on the band check out the official website or this rather nifty fansite. Isn't nifty an odd word? More Posies info at Allmusic and Wikipedia. Enjoy.

Download: Dream All Day - MP3 2.79mb (rapidshare)
Download: How She Lied By Living - MP3 3.59mb (rapidshare)
Download: Ever Since I Was Alone (demo) - MP3 2.75mb (rapidshare)
Download: Open Every Window (demo) - MP3 2.73mb (rapidshare)

Discography: (click to buy at

1988 - Failure

1990 - Dear 23

1993 - Frosting On The Beater

1996 - Amazing Disgrace

1998 - Success

2000 - Alive Before The Iceberg (live)

2000 - In Case You Didn't Feel Like Plugging In

2005 - Every Kind Of Light