Thursday, October 27, 2005

MP3: "The Sounds Machine EP3" - 4 - Hothouse Flowers

Fourth and final song from the Sounds Machine EP3 is a live track by the Irish rock band Hothouse Flowers. They formed in 1985 and are still releasing records, combining elements of traditional Irish folk with rock, soul and gospel. Looking at that picture makes me wonder whether every Irish band of the 80s had to have a member wearing a Bono style hat. In fact further research reveals that they even released albums on Bono's label, so maybe he forced them into it so that he didn't become the only person to back the big floppy hat fashion. Who knows. Their debut album was 1988's 'People', on which the studio version of this song is featured. Other albums include 1990's 'Home', 1993's 'Songs From The Rain', 1998's 'Born', a live album originally named 'Live' in 1999, a best of in 2000, a rarities collection in 2001 and another studio album, 'Into Your Heart' was released in 2004.

Before hearing this song i'd heard of them but never heard any music. It's worth a listen, nice and atmospheric, if a bit too Eighties and Irish for my liking. Not that i'm dissing all Irish bands (let's not forget Therapy?, Kerbdog, Ash, My Bloody Valentine, The Pogues, Thin Lizzy, and of course Van 'The Man'), but i'm talking Irish music like Clannad, The Corrs, and (vomit) U2. Sickening music that almost destroys the good reputation the Irish people would otherwise have. But then again we Brits did spawn The Levellers, so it probably evens out about equal. If you want a little more information (because there ain't a lot out there!) you can check out this Wikipedia article, this unofficial website, or this discography. Enjoy.

Download: Hothouse Flowers - Saved (live Glasgow) - MP3 3.29mb (rapidshare)


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