Wednesday, November 23, 2005

MP3: Sounds Showcase 1 - The Cult & The Fall

Right then! Finally got a bit of time to update, and thought I'd stick up some more rarities i've found on late eighties/early nineties 7"'s that were given out free with Sounds magazine. This time the record is called Sounds Showcase 1. It came out on the 28th February 1987 and features The Cult, The Fall, The Adult Net and The Go-Betweens. I'll post the two songs off of the A side tonight, and the two songs off the B side tomorrow.

First up are the very very eighties The Cult. Now i've never been that big of a Cult fan really. 'She Sells Sanctuary' is quite an awesome drunken jukebox pick, but other than that i've never really been motivated to listen to them, especially after a rather awful appearance at Reading Festival a few years ago. Anyway this track, 'Outlaw', exclusive to this Sounds EP when it was given away, was destined to appear on their 1987 album Electric, which can reportedly only be listened to whilst sporting a handlebar moustache, so be wary. The song doesn't really fit into my blog, but then a nice bit of cheese every now and then never harmed anyone.

Next up is a super super super classic from The Fall. This is the original version of 'Hey! Luciani', which is different from the single version you've probably heard. I think the only other place you can get it is on the 1994 rarities compilation 'Backdrop', which is pretty hard to find. Suffice to say it's a classic piece of Fall history, and the more I hear it the more I think it's one of the best singles they've ever done. I think this version is actually a studio outtake which was recorded at the same time as the single version some time in December of 86, but then i'm sure there are many bigger Fall fans than me that could correct that statement.

Anyway hope you like the songs, stay tuned for more tomorrow!

Download: The Cult / Outlaw - MP3 2.63mb (rapidshare)
Download: The Fall / Hey! Luciani (Original Version) - MP3 3.57mb (rapidshare)