Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Video: At The Drive-In on Later...With Jools Holland

Here's something rather lovely, posted on yousend it by Barney over at DrownedinSound forums. It's At The Drive-In doing 'One Armed Scissor' live on Later...With Jools Holland, back in (I believe) 2000. I was lucky enough to go to an ATDI headlining show put on by a local punk collective back in 1999. I had no idea who they were, and the venue (which was the tiny Joiners Arms in Southampton) contained about...75 people. Suffice to say, i've never had my expectations (which were zero) blown to bits so easily by a live performance, and it remains one of the greatest things i've ever seen. It's a big shame that they split about a year after, especially now that the Mars Volta have descended into total live tedium.

Anyway sorry about the lack of posts at the moment, trying to juggle going to four gigs this week, plus my masters degree, writing for uni music paper, working, being a diligent boyfriend, etc, and so getting blogposts done is a bit of a struggle. However tomorrow night I should be updating with a song each from the bands from the four gigs i'm going to/have gone to this week, so keep your eyes pealed for that. Until then, enjoy the video, it's amazing. As someone else on DIS said, 'It is at the same time the worst and best thing i've ever seen.' I'd say it's far further towards the best than to the worst. What's obvious is that its probably the best thing thats ever been on Jools Holland, and I'd like to see a band try to beat it.

Download: One Armed Scissor (live) - MPG 40mb (yousendit)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent Thanks! I remember a live from them at Jay Leno show, it was also amazing :)

9:04 am, November 16, 2005  

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