Wednesday, February 01, 2006

MP3: Egghunt / Me And You & We All Fall Down

Okay something rather fantastic today, a 1986 single recorded by Minor Threat/Fugazi/Evens genius Ian Mackaye and Minor Threat/Skewbald drummer Jeff Nelson under the name Egghunt. It's a 2 song 7"/CD released by Dischord, and recorded between the end of Mackaye's post-Minor Threat band Embrace and the beginnings of Fugazi. Nelson and Mackaye had travelled to England to visit Southern owner John Loder (who sadly died last year) in order to make an agreement regarding Dischord's European distribution through the label. Whilst here they went to the physical Southern studios, and recorded together for 3 days.

Ian and Jeff handled instruments, John engineered and produced. The first song, Me & You, is a pretty fine track that could have been better with further development. The second song, and the real classic, is We All Fall Down. It was originally intended to be recorded by Embrace at their album sessions earlier that year, but was ultimately discarded. Due to the obscurity of the single this song is somewhat unknown to most Mackaye fans, but I think it's one of the best things he's ever recorded. Two other songs were recorded at the Egghunt sessions, one unknown, and the other an early version of the song In Defense Of Humans (later recorded by Fugazi for 1989's State Of The Union compilation), but only the two songs on the single were ever mixed.

After the single was made Mackaye and Nelson returned to Washington D.C. and attempted to continue Egghunt as a band with ex-Gray Matter members Steve Niles and Geoff Turner, but unfortunately the band didn't succeed. Fortunately, that meant the beginnings of Fugazi. Thank you God. As you can see the single's got great artwork too. By the way Fugazi have just released another lot of live recordings through their Live Series website, all of which are well worth getting. It's just a shame that they didn't include the London show that I went to, which was one of the greatest gigs i've seen to date. If you want a copy, you can get Egghunt used from marketplacesor if you're American you can get a copy of the CD from Dischord. Enjoy.

Download: Me And You - MP3 3.0mb (rapidshare)
Download: We All Fall Down - MP3 2.24mb (rapidshare)


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