Monday, February 20, 2006

MP3: Kerbdog - Mexican Wave

Kerbdog were (and still are, kind of) a melodic metal band from Kilkenny, Ireland who formed in 1991. The band are made up of Cormac Battle (vocals/guitar), Colin Fennelly (bass guitar) and Darragh Butler (drums) and as of 1992 Bill Dalton (guitar). By mid 1992 their status in Ireland had grown so big that they recieved attention from American A&R men, and it was to Mercury Records who would sign them in order to release their self titled debut a year later. After a few years of touring, Dalton left before the band returned to the studio in 1996 ready to record their second and final album, the stunning On The Turn, produced by GGGarth and released on Polygram. Singles released by the band include: Earthworks, End Of Green, Dry Riser, Dummy Crusher, JJ's Song, Sally, and Mexican Wave. In 1998 the band split, leading to the creation of the band Wilt by Cormac and Darragh a year or two later. I did an article about them a while back, which you can see here. After two relatively unsuccesful albums, Wilt turned back into Kerbdog last year and played a number of gigs, but have no permanent plans to record or tour again. Kerbdog were an extremely underrated band, one of the great examples of melodic heaviness without being shite i've ever heard, and On The Turn is truly, truly stunning, well worth searching out on your favourite p2p network. The mp3 below is Mexican Wave and is taken from that album. Tis a lovely piece of britrock. For more Kerbdog info check out Wikipedia or this fan forum where you can get all the latest news, more mp3s and anything else you might need. Enjoy.

Download: Kerbdog / Mexican Wave - MP3 3.02mb (rapidshare)


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