Sunday, February 05, 2006

New Records for February 6th - 12th

Here's all the interesting stuff I could find that's coming out tomorrow. Some rather good albums, including the lovely new B&S and the fantastic debut from Sway. Apparently the new Sparks is pretty good too, but i've yet to hear it, and i've also heard good things about the new Robert 'Guided By Voices' Pollard album. Lots of shoegazing reissues from Ride, a Richard Thompson boxset and a good looking Zevon comp also worth a look, as are the new singles from Mew (the CD apparently contains 9 versions of the song!), plus the long awaited return of Television Personalities and another single from Sebastien Tellier's much-mooted (what is mooting?) Politics. Not much out on DVD music wise, but if you're an Eno fan 14 Video Paintings is supposed to be pretty unmissable.


Battles - EP C/B EP
Belle & Sebastian - The Life Pursuit
The Open - Statues
Robert Pollard - From A Compound Eye
Sparks - Hello Young Lovers
Sway - This Is My Demo

Compilations and Reissues:

Ride - Carnival Of Light
Ride - Nowhere
Ride - OX4 Greatest Hits
Ride - OX4 Boxset
Ride - Waves
Richard Thompson - RT: The Life and Music of Richard Thompson Boxset
Warren Zevon - Romantic Genius: The Love Songs


Mew - Why Are You Looking Grave?
Television Personalities - All The Young Children On Crack
Sebastien Tellier - Broadway


Brian Eno - 14 Video Paintings


Anonymous Niklas said...

RICHARD Pollard? Ok, all wiseassing aside, Robert Pollard's new album is great! If you buy the double-lp, you get a free digital download.

This was not a commercial :)

7:51 am, February 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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