Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Video: Suede - Metal Mickey (Top Of The Pops 1992)

Now it may be hard to believe, but Suede used to be good. No really, despite the awful hair of all concerned and the general twattishness of Brett Anderson, their early material was pretty damn amazing. The first album isn't as great as it was first thought to be, but overall it's pretty impressive as a Britpop era debut. The singles in particular are fantastic, and it's only the lack of variety and the slightly dodgy production that lets things down. The followup, Dog Man Star,, is absolutely amazing, completely and utterly over the top and ambitious in the same way that Pulp's This Is Hardcore was. It's got really simple beautiful songs like The Wild Ones, stompy but good (ie. not like Trash) stuff like We Are The Pigs and some amazing epic tracks like Still Life and The Asphalt World. Really, go relisten to it and i'm sure you'll be surprised at how great it is. The band's bsides collection, Sci-Fi Lullabies, and in particular the first disc that compiles all of the Bernard Butler era bsides is better than most band's studio albums. Sadly after Butler left things went downhill pretty fast, but their early material is still worth another listen. I think you can find Sci-Fi Lullabies for about £5 in some places, which is a bargain. Anyway this video is the band doing the first album's Metal Mickey on Top Of The Pops all the way back in the hazy days of 1992, when you were still wearing your Happy Mondays shirt and I was 8 years old. Get ready for some floppy fringes, shaved chests and surprisingly good riffs.

By the way you've no idea how long it took me to find a picture of Suede where they didn't all look like complete twats. Brett is even smiling, ah bless!

Suede - Metal Mickey (TOTP 1992) - AVI 22.2mb (rapidshare)


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