Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Video: Guided By Voices - Everywhere With Helicopters

I kind of really missed the boat with Guided By Voices. I really loved the Teenage FBI single, which was taken from 1999's Do The Collapse and was (quite rightly) played over and over and over again on the Evening Session all summer that year. I stupidly didn't buy the album, but by the time of that year's Reading Festival I remembered how much I'd loved the single and went to see their slot in the Evening Session tent. I got pretty near the front, but when they finally came on I was faced with a kind of slightly overweight balding guy playing some underwhelming songs that I didn't know, and they didn't even do Teenage FBI! Of course I now realise my foolishness, and really really wish I'd known their albums better when I saw them, because obviously now I probably won't get another chance. Rob Pollard seems content to do solo stuff, I think he's actually got 3 new albums coming out this year, so good luck to him.

This totally charming video is for the Everywhere With Helicopters single, which came from the totally great 2002 record Universal Truths and Cycles, which is well worth your money. It's packed full of good stuff, a lot of better than this excellent single. More GBV info at the quite amazing Guided By Voices Database, at Wikipedia, or at Rob Pollard's website, which has a load of free songs.

Tomorrow I should have the next part in my Pulp discography ready, so make sure you check back for that if you have any sort of a brain. Night night.

Guided By Voices - Everywhere With Helicopters - MPG 61mb (rapidshare)


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