Tuesday, August 22, 2006

MP3: CITIES - 'Variations' Remix Album

So i'd never actually heard anything by CITIES until yesterday, when their new remix album, Variations popped through my so often ignored letterbox. Now i've given it a listen, i'm actually pretty desperate to hear the non-remixed versions of these songs from their self titled debut. It came out in April of this year on Yeprock, and from the few songs i've heard on their myspace, it sounds like it must be pretty special. The band formed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (also home of Ben Folds Five, James Taylor and the always super Superchunk) in 2004 and after a shitload of touring have managed to get a pretty respectable following and some very complimentary reviews of their record. Certainly everything i've heard from it sounds very accomplished for a first record.

The new remix album features work from Ladytron, Fog, Daedelus and numerous other luminaries of the remix art, and is a great listen. It even contains one song remixed by a fan through a website competition, which is also pretty darn stunning. Its out on October 3rd, but you can preorder it over at Yeproc. Or for tour dates and other gubbins try the bands official site.

You can check out five songs from the record over at the yeproc website (had to take down the mp3s i'm afraid.) Hope you like em!


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