Monday, January 01, 2007

A Happy New Year from...The Replacements with 'Nothing For All'

Happy new year! Hope everyone had a good 2006 and a good new years eve, and is ready for a 2007 thats even more uberrockin than 2006. Right now I am listening to PRONG! How much more ROCK can you get?!?!

Last year of course saw the release of a rather stunning Replacements compilation by the folks at Rhino that somehow managed to include material from both their Sire and Reprise albums as well as two new tracks. I was under the understanding that they were also due to do some re-releases of the whole catalogue with rarities, but as they are yet to be released, I thought i'd post a couple of rare songs for you.

Indeed the only annoying thing about the Rhino compilation was that it lacked any of the rarities that could be found on the older Reprise-era only compilation All For Nothing, which was packaged with the hilaaaariously named bonus cd Nothing For All. Despite the awful name, it actually contains some of the band's best songs, and is highly recommended if only for the amazing Tim-era version of Can't Hardly Wait. Below are three of my favourite songs from the bonus cd, all of which kick the shite out of most other bands entire discographies. Hopefully they'll make the evil return to work most of have to face a tiny bit easier.

The Replacements - All Shook Down
The Replacements - Portland
The Replacements - We Know the Night


Blogger Jimmy the Saint said...

Hey, nice to see the Replacements getting a little attention. Come check out my music blog -, I just ran a big article on TIM that you may enjoy. Got a few more Replacements rarities on there that you certainly will. Thanks.

4:20 am, January 15, 2007  

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