Thursday, June 28, 2007

Newish Band Alert: The Voices

There seems to be a bit of a resurgence in shoegaze style rock/pop at the moment; The Twilight Sad for example sounding like Snow Patrol with some MBV sprinkledon top, and the NME have even come up with the rather retarded 'nu-gaze' monicker, probably lumping together about 5 bands that have nothing much in common. But alas things will ever be the same. Anyway The Voices are a welsh trio mining the same sort of metaphorical musical...mines, and coming up with a sound that's got a lot in common with Ride, Slowdive, and indeed with My Bloody Valentine. I've only heard a couple of tracks, both are very much in that style, but as with last night's post they're pretty enjoyable despite the obvious influences.

There are also some nice Krautrock elements; particularly in the second track here. Both songs are taken from the promo from the albums first single, and indeed it's actually their second album. It's out now on My Kung Fu and for some reason it's called The Sound Of Young America. As per usual, more info is available on their official site or myspace. The band are currently doing some dates around Cardiff, so go see 'em if you get the chance. Enjoy!

The Voices - I'll Always Be Within You When There's No One Left Inside
The Voices - I See Dark Times Ahead


Blogger thepsychicpilot said...

This is good stuff. Thanks for the tip.

2:18 pm, July 01, 2007  
Blogger John said...

This band sounds pretty epic.

10:30 pm, August 09, 2007  

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