Friday, July 27, 2007

Captain Polaroid - Other Short Stories And Better Works Of Fiction

LO-FI is good. Lo-fi is my friend. Guided By Voices, Half Japanese, Sebadoh. Sparklehorse when he's not being boring. Yes please. Captain Polaroid can join the list, because his new LP is one of the best and most addictive lo-fi recordings i've heard in quite a while.

Mr Polaroid is indeed a one man band, recording what sounds like (and I hope genuinely is!) some good old fashioned four track indie rock, with the requisite fuzz, passion and intrigue. The thing about lo-fi of course is that it's generally quite unforgiving; if you can't hear the vocals or an instrument properly then there better be something to keep you listening, and thankfully CP has songs aplenty, enough in fact to have me pretty interested in hearing his first LP, Spitting Facts, Splitting Fractions which came out a few years ago. Soundwise the songs range from acoustic Sparklehorsey tracks, to Eels-like layered indie-pop, to GBV/Superchunk aping amateurock. Everything about it is good, and if you buy it from the man himself its only 7 British Pounds. Bargainous.

To buy the album or to get more info, check out CP's Myspace or his page over at his label (which is Filthy Little Angels for those of you who are DESPERATE to know. And as ever, enjoy!

Captain Polaroid - Dust Will Settle On This Lifeless Town
Captain Polaroid - A Dream Is A Dream Is A Dream Is A Lie


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