Monday, July 16, 2007

Sign on the line and i'll give you some...MP3s. Sorry.

Just a quick post tonight; i'm off out to see Final Fantasy in Brighton in 30 mins and so haven't got much time to spare. I got a massive, and i mean MASSIVE, haul of second hand indie singles from the 90s at the weekend and there's some really good stuff amongst it all that i'll be putting up in the coming weeks. Tonight I thought i'd put up something by Mansun, who were one of my favourite bands for quite a while (and probably still are), and who I stupidly never got to see live. Here we have all four tracks from the 1997 Taxloss single, one of the singles from the stunning debut album Attack Of The Grey Lantern. To be honest it's probably my least favourite Mansun single, but posting about it does give me the chance to post a link to the rather notorious music video as direct by Roman Coppolla, and its also got a nice selection of bsides; one new song, one live track and one acoustic version. Good stuff. Taxloss was released on the 28th April 1997 and reached number 15 on the UK singles chart. Enjoy!

Mansun - Taxloss
Mansun - The Impending Collapse Of It All
Mansun - Ski Jump Nose (Live)
Mansun - Wide Open Space (Acoustic)