Sunday, July 22, 2007

Kerbdog - Mexican Wave

My apologies for the lack of proper updates this weekend, i've got some sort of horrendous virus and all of the muscles in my arms and legs feel like they're infected with that flesh eating bacteria stuff. Pretty awful stuff really.

Irish 3 piece Kerbdog released two wonderful LPs during the late 1990s that straddled the gap between post-hardcore and pop-punk. The best comparisons I can fire at you off the top of my head would be fellow countrymen Therapy?, Helmet when they're not being boring and of course a small dollop of Nirvana-esque 90s poppy alt rock. Their second album, On The Turn is an underappreciated classic that is well worth searching out. The two live tracks from this single (one of those released from Turn, dontchaknow) also go to show how fucking good of a live band they were. More info at wiki-wiki-wild-wild-wikipedia. I think i've got a fever. Enjoy.

Kerbdog - Mexican Wave
Kerbdog - Sally (live)
Kerbdog - On the Turn (live)


Blogger Ass Hat said...

good call. people such as feeder getting big while kerbdog were getting no attention whatsoever was a massive injustice. get well soon, runout groove dude.

7:12 pm, July 22, 2007  

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