Thursday, July 12, 2007


So one of the only great music related things about my new south-coast home (I recently moved from Southampton to Chichester fact fans!) is that it's got a damn good second hand record shop, one of the best features of which is about 20 boxes of cd singles going for 20p each. That's 5 singles for a pound! (In case you couldn't work it out) So i've slowly been working my way through the boxes, and this week picked up a fair few gems, one of which gave me the music for this post.

All four songs are from the cd single of Mudhoney's 1995 SMASH Generation Spokesmodel, one of the finer moments from the not amazing but still underrated My Brother The Cow LP. First up is the title cut, then a great bside in the form of Not Goin' Down That Road Again, and finally two ace live tracks recorded for Pearl Jam's semi-legendary Monkey Wrench Radio. Let's be honest, even at their worst Mudhoney are still 200 times more awesome than the majority of your favourite bands. So enjoy.

And while i'm typing and you're browsing, why not check out the great new blogs The Plastic Floor and The Deku Tree? Lovely.

Mudhoney - Generation Spokesmodel
Mudhoney - Not Goin' Down That Road Again
Mudhoney - What Moves The Heart (live)
Mudhoney - Judgement, Rage, Retribution And Thyme (live)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This album is underrated. thanks for the reminder. T

9:11 pm, July 13, 2007  

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