Tuesday, July 10, 2007

There's a song: Loose, aboot this hoose.

After using one of those massive music database programs that are available nowadays, I discovered a little to my surprise that the artist/band whom I own the most releases by is none other than Ireland's Therapy? I was a pretty huge Therapy? fan as a teenager, and they probably only came just after the Manics and Eels in my teen band obsessions. I was lucky that they've always been a great touring band, and so got to see some great gigs. They've also got a pretty huge and varied back catalogue now, and despite a few clunkers (see Shameless), just about all of their records are really great. Nowadays of course the very teenage POV'd lyricism of the Troublegum album seems a lot more consciously teenage than it did at the time, but then that was obviously the intention! Anyway today I picked up a very old cd release of the Loose single from 1995. This was of course one of the singles from the bands Infernal Love album, the followup to the massively successful Troublegum and somewhat of a weird point in the bands history, as they abandoned the leathers for frilly shirts, facial hair and Anton Corbjin photoshoots. Methinks too much cocaine was probably the reason. They did however create a very wonderful little gothic-tinged record that I still love to this day. So here's one of its songs, plus 3 live bsides of songs from the Troublegum record. Enjoy!

Therapy - 01 Loose
Therapy - 02 Die Laughing (live)
Therapy - 03 Nowhere (live)
Therapy - 04 Unbeliever (live)


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