Monday, July 02, 2007

New Band Alert: The Reverse

The Reverse hail from the lovely and world renowned hovel that is Crouch End, London. Thankfully, they only sound a little bit like they do. Because it's always good just to have a bit of awful place atmosphere to every rock and roll record; the best songs are always written by the people from the shittest places. Quite why Portsmouth or Southampton haven't inspired a really world class band yet i've no idea. Anyway The Reverse have been around for about five years now, but have only just got around to recording. I've uploaded a couple of songs from their second EP, which is out now on Runout Records (what a good name), and is called Shutterspeed. It's a nice mix of late Britpop darkness (it actually slightly reminds me of Ultrasound, who I wrote about yesterday, obviously) with hints of Bends-era Radiohead and some good old Smithsy British rainy melancholia. All of the songs show potential, but here are the two I think are best. Hope you find something in them to like, and if you do then get over to their website or myspazz for more info. Toodles.

The Reverse - Shutterspeed
The Reverse - On Fire


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