Monday, September 10, 2007

New music from New Idea Society and Spencer McGarry Season

A double bill of new music tonight. First up I've got a few tracks from New Idea Society, a relatively new band formed by Mike Law of Euclid and Stephen Brodsky of Cave-In. Much in the style of Cave-In's more mellow later material, with some slightly more contemporary Modest Mousey style compositional elements added to the mix. On the other hand, there's also a nice lo-fi 'live' feel to things. The new record, The World Is Bright And Lonely is their second, and came out a week or two ago on Exotic Fever Records. I think it's pretty interesting, maybe not standing up to the best of Cave-In's material, but certainly showing that Brodsky still 'has it', as they say. See what you think of the samples below, and if you likey, then visitey their website. Capisce?

New Idea Society - Single Thread
New Idea Society - Dress Shirt

Next up I've got a track from Welsh new fangled 3 piece types Spencer McGarry Season. They get bonus points for a) starting their own label, b) they sound poppy, melodic and very contemporary without irritating the shit out of me (think the best stuff by 1990s rather than say, the worst stuff by Reverend And The Makers, who of course i've never heard but you get my point right? They're called Reverend And The Makers.) They also kind of remind me of Elvis Costello and Apples In Stereo and Superchunk! Anyway. They ALSO get bonus points for calling their new single A Title Sparks Would Have Used, because it's a stone-cold fact that songs with other bands in their song titles are 99% of the time always good. Go on, disprove me. Anyway the band are playing a bunch of dates in Cardiff and London this month and next month, so go check out their record label myspace for more info.

Spencer McGarry Season - Nothing's Happening


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Blogger spencer said...

Hi Jamie

Thanks for that nice review last year- can I send you our debut album please? It's just back from the printers- you may like it? Or you may not?



12:25 pm, November 06, 2008  
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