Thursday, September 13, 2007

Peel Sesson: Black Keys (May 2003)

Black Keys were one of the last bands to get the major Peel seal of approval, and indeed of those bands they're probably the ones to have gained the most critical acclaim. Although they're certainly doing nothing particularly new (2 person blues based rock), out of the people that are doing that sort of thing they're probably the group that for me sound the most authentic (certainly since The White Stripes went the way of the dogs). They're also very hardworking, having performed innumerable support and headlining tours in the last few years, and having released 7 records since 2002, most of which are pretty darn great. They appeared on the Peel show three times in 2003, the first two times for sessions and the last for a live show. This is the first of the sessions, recorded in May of that year. Enjoy.

Black Keys - 01 Set You Free (Peel session)
Black Keys - 02 Hard Row (Peel session)
Black Keys - 03 No Trust (Peel session)
Black Keys - 04 The Moan (Peel session)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Black Keys: Amateur hour.
White Stripes: Billy Bragg with a drummer.

10:58 am, September 16, 2007  
Anonymous Mike Roeder said...

Will you be posting the other Peel Sessions?


Mike Roeder
It's Time To Play B-Sides

3:28 pm, September 17, 2007  

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