Thursday, October 04, 2007

Film School - Dear Me

Film School have apparently been around since 2001, so i'm surprised it's taken until now for me to hear anything by them. I suspect there must have been a gap in activity somewhere, as their albums are listed as coming out in 2001, 2006 and then the new one is out next month. Dear Me is the lead single for that new record (named Hideout), and it's rather charming. Very 90s sounding in fact (always a plus for me), recalling Swervedriver, a dash of early Pumpkins and maybe even a bit of Quicksand or Jawbox. So basically the band combine a healthy dose of rock action with enough indie rock to make them appeal to the cool kids. Rival Schools are another comparable band that spring to mind. There's some nice use of synths (think Disintegration-era Cure), plus a pleasant old school jangle. Have they got enough to make them stand out (I hear you practically scream) ? I'm not sure, I couldn't say without hearing an album, but for now i'm a little bit intrigued. Isn't that good enough? Note: The third track on this single is so My Bloody Valentine Loveless it's just not true. Indeed I suspect they've either made a sneaky sample or gone back in time and recorded it in the same studio. Those sneaks. The single is out on the 22nd, the album on the 5th November, both on Beggars Banquet. Enjoy!

Film School - Dear Me
Film School - Two Kinds


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