Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dawn Kinnard - Devil's Flame

Dawn Kinnard is apparently the daughter of a Pennsylvanian Baptist preacher, which would probably automatically make me think she'd be better than most English folkies just by how cool it sounds. I'm not personally a fan of many Sunderland based daughters of Anglican vicars. Thankfully her music matches the coolness of her origins; it's a woozy mixture of light pysche folk with a countryish twang and enough amateurish stumble to it to make it sound fo' real rather than a quick bucks AOR cashin on the current semi-popularity of nu-folk. The two songs here are from her forthcoming debut Pearl which will be out next year on KensalTown; a label she signed to after moving from Nashville to London to record. I prefer Devil's Flame out of the two tracks here, but there's a nice relaxed Cat Power soul feel to the other one, so i'll look forward to hearing some more stuff from her. More info on her myspace. Enjoy.

Dawn Kinnard - Devil's Flame
Dawn Kinnard - Fortuneteller


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