Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Cymbient - Out On The Waves

Cymbient are one of those bands that sat in my 'to listen to' pile for quite a while before I actually got around to hearing them; mostly because as much as I enjoyed their record, the artwork really stunk. Which is silly, obviously, but then so are they. It turns out that Out On The Waves, the second LP from this Cardiff based five piece (I've used the front of their first LP above, which is far more relaxing), is a rather enjoyable mellow 60s style folk/psych piece that owes a debt to early Moody Blues, a little bit of Syd Barrett, and probably a healthy dose of Love and Beach Boys. The laziest, easiest comparison to make would be to fellow now defunct Welshsters Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, but Cymbient work on a more relaxed, lazy 70s California vibe that sets them apart and makes for a rather nice listening experience. Here are a few tracks, and you can get more info on their myspace. Enjoy.

Cymbient - December Song
Cymbient - Why Are You Still Sleeping


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