Tuesday, September 05, 2006

MP3: Miss Black America - Lamacq Session 2002 + A Bit of GBV

Due to popular demand, here are some more session tracks from Miss Black America. They were recorded for Steve Lamacq's Lamacq Live show on the 24th June 2002. Plus as an added extra bonus, here's something from the forever mighty Guided By Voices. The song is Things I Will Keep from their Ric Ocasek produced 1999 stormer Do The Collapse. Oh how I spoil you people.

Miss Black America - 01 Infinite Chinese Box (Lamacq session)
Miss Black America - 02 Talk Hard (Lamacq session)
Miss Black America - 03 Miss Black America (Lamacq session)
Miss Black America - 04 Always (Lamacq session)

Guided By Voices - Things I Will Keep


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Blogger Oli said...

Hey there, I don't suppose you've still got these tracks kicking around anywhere. Particularly after 'Always'! Thanks!

10:15 pm, August 08, 2017  

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