Friday, August 25, 2006

MP3: Mudhoney Peel Session 2002

I hope people don't mind me putting up a lot of Peel Sessions recently instead of the bigger articles i'm used to doing. I'm basically doing the actual writing of my masters dissertation at the moment and so basically finding it tough to put spare time aside for other stuff, so it's a bit easier to do these. Rest assured regular service will be resumed as soon as my workload is down a bit.

For today i've got some prime rock action from Mudhoney. These four session tracks were recorded for Peel in October 2002, a few months after the release of their excellent return to Sub-Pop album Since We've Become Translucent. The Straight Life and Dyin' For It are from that album, I Have To Laugh is from 1998's Tomorrow Hits Today and Urban Guerilla is a Hawkwind cover, the recorded version of which could only be found on a 2003 cd given away free with Mojo magazine. Hope you like the songs and hope you enjoy your non-Reading/Leeds weekend!

Mudhoney - 01 The Straight Life (Peel session)
Mudhoney - 02 Dyin' For It (Peel session)
Mudhoney - 03 Urban Geurilla (Peel session)
Mudhoney - 04 I Have To Laugh (Peel session)


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