Tuesday, August 29, 2006

MP3: Cay - 2000 Peel Session + 1998 Peel Session (again)

A while ago I posted the 1998 Peel Session by Cay, a short lived female fronted British post-grunge band who released a series of great singles and one flawed but intermittently stunning album at the turn of the century. I was a big fan, and they were stunning live. So anyway I've found their second session, which features four songs that as far as I know were never properly released. As the mp3s from the first session are still on my ftp space, I thought i'd repost the links to those too.

The first session was recorded on the 20th September 1998, and first broadcast on the 11th November in the same year. My apologies for the relatively imperfect quality of these files, they were sourced from a tape recording of the original radio broadcast.

The second session was recorded on the 22nd November 2000 and broadcast on the 5th December (you can almost feel the wintery weather). As I stated, none of these songs were ever released, and the band disappeared soon after. Very sad. Still, hope you like the songs!

1998 Session:

Cay - 01 Princes & Princesses (Peel session)
Cay - 02 Live & Learn (Peel session)
Cay - 03 Skool (Peel session)
Cay - 04 Neurofen & Brandy (Peel session)
Cay - 05 Nature Creates Freaks (Peel session)

2000 Session:

Cay - 01 Sun Through The Rain (Peel session)
Cay - 02 Flying Fools Through Icy Attitudes (Peel session)
Cay - 03 Part Of The Show (Peel session)
Cay - 04 F.U.N.Y. A Celebration Of New York (Peel session)


Blogger Pitch Invader said...

Thanks! Really appreciate these MP3s you've made available. Great band. Wish I knew what they were up to now.

5:50 pm, August 29, 2006  
Blogger monofiopia said...

I have been searching for a recording of these sessions for what would be six years now... and by bizarre coincidence i happen to look at your blog and find them right at the top...

Thank you so much, Cay are an awesome band, and it will always sadden me that they felt they had to disappear.

12:34 am, August 30, 2006  
Anonymous Mezza said...

Thanks very much for these!

Cay were one of my faves while I was at uni in London - managed to see them 6 times.

I do have the 2000 session lying on minidisc somewhere I think too, not listened to it in a while.

I remember trying to track down a copy of the Better than Myself debut 4-track EP - cost me £35 in the end!

11:58 pm, August 31, 2006  
Anonymous HMK said...

Hi all,

I've posted this somewhere else on here last night, but I tend to get lost on these 'blog' type things ;-)

I've got all these CAY sessions recorded by a friend, digitally, on 'mini disc' & now on a disc as mp3s. They include the following:-

Peel session 1998.
Lamacq session 1999.
Sean Hughes session 1999.
Peel session 2000.
Radio 1 Liverpool with Anet doing the chat between the songs.
Glastonbury & Reading 2000.
ITV video footage at Reading 2000.

I've also got the first 'Org' single, plus several of the others & the Album.

Cay were the most exciting band to come on the scene in years & Anet has a unique vocal style - where are they now?



3:43 pm, December 10, 2006  
Blogger LJP said...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

4:06 am, January 17, 2007  
Blogger chris said...

Hi, I was drafted in to drum for cay in 2000 inc peel session/glasto/reading etc and would love to get hold of any music from my time with them. You are all absolutely correct to adore them...
chris h 07971430947 - chris_hall@talktalk.net

10:28 pm, August 29, 2007  
Blogger chris said...

Does anybody know who HMK is???
I was drumming for cay at reading,glasto, peel sessions etc and would love to get hold of all that is available.
Can anyone help me??
Please call Chris Hall on 07971430947 or mail chrishall@nuhomesuk.com

11:24 pm, January 23, 2008  
Blogger NathanRoss84 said...

Chris did you manage to get hold of that Cay material? Cos I'd love a copy of it too (especially after recent events).

Also, the links to the Peel Sessions are no longer valied, please would The Runout Groove (or anybody) mind re-uploading these?

Or even Emailing me some links? Thanks, my email is:

Thanks, a very nostalgic CAY fan!

10:02 pm, February 12, 2012  

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