Thursday, July 06, 2006

MP3: Tobias Fröberg - Somewhere In The City

It's absolutely great when one of the cds you get sent by a label or a band actually turns out to be something that you genuinely love. Free brilliance is in fact one of the best things ever invented. Before his new album (his second), Somewhere In The City, fell through my letterbox, i'd never heard of Sweden's Tobias Fröberg, but after listening to it a bunch of times, i'll definitely be searching out his first album. There must be something in the Swedish water at the moment. First we had Jens Lekman (one of my favourite new artists for absolutely ages) and the wonderful Concretes, and more recently the stunning Young Folks single from Peter, Bjorn and John. Tobais produces a similar mixture of a tinge of twee, a lot of melodic brilliance, and a sensitive, almost Elliott Smith-like melancholia that is often really quite beautiful. At times i'm also reminded of Richard Hawley's more recent work. It's an extremely consistent album, and would easily be a big summer indie hit given the correct promotion, a bit of blog-age and, for us English indie folk, a bit more sun.

Fröberg's first album, For Elisabeth Wherever She Is was released in 2004, and was nominated for album of the year at a major Swedish Indie award show. Everything on that album, and the new one, is produced, played, written, arranged by Fröberg and his collaborator Linus Larrson. A little like Jens Lekman, his music's got a great pop sheen whilst also keeping a tiny bit of lo-finess which give it a bit more of a personal, homemade feeling. I believe the album is out now in Sweden, and will be released on the 22nd of August in the USA (on Cheap Lullaby, who were kind enough to send me a copy) and on the 4th of September on Poptones in the UK (maybe their first good signing since King Biscuit Time?). It comes very very highly recommended. I think the three songs below will give you a good feel as to the album and hopefully make you want to hear some more.

You can check out Tobias' official site here, or his myspace also has some extras songs for you to listen to. Hope you like them.

Tobias Fröberg - Love And Misery - MP3 - 2.54mb
Tobias Fröberg - For Elisabeth, Wherever You Are - MP3 2.52mb
Tobias Fröberg - Oh My Love (Here She Comes Again) - MP3 2.33mb


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