Monday, November 27, 2006

MP3: New Band Alert - Dead Leaf Echo

Ah isn't it nice when something free and good drops through your letterbox? The latest greatest cd to be sent my way by a new band comes from New York's Dead Leaf Echo. They've just released a new mini album, the frankly ill-advisedly titled Faint Violet Whiff on Year Of The Gallon records, and despite the dodgy name I've really rathered enjoyed it. Taking in elements of The Cure, Bunnymen, Joy Division and other 80s miserable types, they're clearly still developing, and yet can be said to have a nice distinct sound that isn't so derivative that you can't take them seriously (hello Editors), as well as some really good songs.

The band have only formed in the last year, and this is their first proper release. Given the right songs and a bit more time, they could definitely turn into a band of real worth. You can find out more info at either their official site or their myspazz. Here are a few songs:

Dead Leaf Echo - Clean
Dead Leaf Echo - Shell of Love


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