Friday, November 24, 2006

Press Release: Make The Festive Fifty Happen Again!

Just received this press release from Dandelion Radio:

Internet radio station Dandelion Radio to do Festive Fifty

1975 was the last time BBC Radio 1 listeners experienced a Christmas without a Festive Fifty, for it was set up the following year, by the legendary DJ John Peel. The Festive 50 has been an institution on BBC Radio 1 since it was set up as an annual listeners poll in 1976. Now, after 30 consecutive years (apart from 1991) of Festive Fifties (the last two being run in the absence of the much-missed DJ, by Rob Da Bank and Huw Stevens), Radio 1 have decided, for a variety of good reasons, to not run a Festive Fifty for 2006. However, John Peel's old programme team have asked Dandelion Radio if they would take up the baton of hosting this annual yuletide music fest, "The Festive Fifty"

For full details and how to vote, go to:


Blogger Paul said...

The poll closed on Christmas day and the resulting show started played on 1st January. The 5 hour show runs all month, along with 11 hours of regular programming.

3:21 am, January 11, 2007  

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