Thursday, November 16, 2006

MP3: The French - Peel Session 2004

So I posted the first of the two sessions that Darren Hayman's post-Hefner electro band The French recorded the other day (scroll down), and as I enjoyed re-listening to it so much, thought i'd also give you the second one.

This session was recorded on the 29th July 2004, and as you can see from the tracklisting, is completely made up of covers of TV themes. Some mighty fine shows have been picked, and overall it leaves a nice soft fuzzy feeling in my hungover poorly tummy. More info on The French at the official site or at Hefnet.

The French - 01 Theme From Hill Street Blues (Peel Session)
The French - 02 Theme From Big John, Little John (Peel Session)
The French - 03 Crockets Theme (Peel Session)
The French - 04 Theme From The Littlest Hobo (Peel Session)


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