Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blogcast: Contrast #34 - Musicians Introduce Their Own Songs #2

This weeks episode of Contrast is another of those episodes that differs from the usual routine, in that this time its artists that are introducing their own songs. For the second edition of this theme, we've got stuff from ex-Symposium man Wojtek Godzisz, something from Contrast's own Tim Young, and a song from a personal friend of mine, the quite wonderful Mike Wookey. As ever, you should go take a listen!


(00:25) Wojtek Godzisz - I will give you nothing
Wojtek Godzisz on myspace

(04:11) Allison Crowe - Now
Allison Crowe’s website
Allison Crowe on myspace

(09:56) 21 Love Hotel - The ballad of Lorely
21 Love Hotel on myspace

(15:39) Lurch - I hate bath time
Lurch on myspace

(18:37) Salim Nourallah - The world is full of people
Salim Nourallah’s website
Salim Nourallah on myspace

(23:16) Merankorii - Interlude
Merankorii’s blog
Merankorii on myspace

(27:54) The Blue Mantis - Money
The Blue Mantis on myspace

(30:26) Angelic Strings - Sunset and Moonshadowe
The Angelic Strings website

(36:06) Michael Wookey - Come on to my place
Michael Wookey’s website
Michael Wookey on myspace

(39:57) Dan Beahm and The Invisible Three - Mackinac
Dan Beahm’s website
Dan Beahm on myspace

(44:51) Lipstik - The fuck off
Lipstik’s website
Lipstik on myspace

(50:16) Tim Young - Thrill and Bleed
Tim Young’s website
Tim’s band’s website


Blogger Tim Young said...

Hi Jamie,

Glad you've been enjoying this week's cast (it's 34 not 33 btw). Thanks for sending Michael Wookey along to play. His track and intro are a real treat. If you've got more friends like him just send them along!!



11:00 pm, November 21, 2006  

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