Monday, November 20, 2006

MP3: Label Focus - DISCHORD

After reading a news story earlier about how the people at Dischord are opening up the mega-important Inner Ear studios to young DC bands for free, I was inspired to dig out my copy of the Dischord 20th Anniversary Boxset that came out about five years back. It's got two discs of previously released stuff, one song from every band to release a record through the label, and one disc of previously unreleased songs including rarities from Minor Threat, Dagnasty, Shudder To Think and Fugazi. Suffice to say its pretty unmissable for fans of music from this genre/label/period/style/other words. I enjoyed re-listening to some of it so much (having not really done so for a while, especially with bands like Bluetip), that I thought I would put up a few of my own personal highlights for download. If you like anything, please head over to the labels site and buy something, It's all cheap, it's (mostly) all amazing, and they're a label that truly deserves your support.

Shudder To Think - Red House
Rites Of Spring - Drink Deep
Egg Hunt - We All Fall Down
Three - Domino Days
Dag Nasty - Circles


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