Sunday, November 26, 2006

MP3: Preston School Of Industry - Peel Session 2001

After the demise of Pavement in 2001, guitarist Scott Kannberg (aka Spiral Stairs) started the quite wonderful (and certainly very underrated compared to other post-Pavement side projects/bands) Preston School Of Industry. To date they have released two extremely good full lengthers, 2001's All This Sounds Gas, which was largely made up of songs by Kannberg that were rejected for inclusion on the Malkmus dominated Terror Twilight, and 2004's Monsoon, as well as a number of singles and other mini-releases. A new album is rumoured to be forthcoming on Domino/Matador. This was their only Peel session, recorded on the 10th June 2001. Enjoy.

Preston School Of Industry - 01 Somethings Happen Always (Peel session)
Preston School Of Industry - 02 Whalebones (Peel session)
Preston School Of Industry - 03 10 Grains (Peel session)
Preston School Of Industry - 04 Happiness (Peel session)


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