Sunday, November 12, 2006

MP3: The French - Peel Session 2003

Soon after the split of the much loved Henfer, frontman Darren Hayman formed an electronica project called The French. Hayman's partner in this new venture is John Morrison (also part of Hefner), and the music is alike in places to the stuff on the last Hefner record, a mixture of Hayman's regular songwriting style with an electropop backing. They released their debut album, Local Information on Too Pure in 2003, and have also released a number of singles. However in the last few years Hayman has been involved in disputes with Too Pure that mean that The French, like Hefner, are now also on an indefinite hiatus.

This session was the bands first for Peel (another would follow in 2004, and i'll post that another day), was recorded on the 3rd July 2003 and broadcast on the 20th August. When She Leaves Me featured on the album, Punk Rock Is Going To Die would go on to feature on the later Porn Shoes single, whilst the other two songs would later be released as part of Hayman's Table For One solo album earlier this year. More info on The French at the official site or at Hefnet.

The French - 01 The English Head (Peel Session)
The French - 02 Protons & The Neutrons (Peel Session)
The French - 03 When She Leaves Me (Peel Session)
The French - 04 Punk Rock's Gonna Die (Peel Session)


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these links are unfortunately dead, any way you can send me the files via rapidshare etc. I would greatly appreciate it! I really love this band but it is so hard to find their music...

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