Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Indie Pop Greatness from Junk

Due to a lack of time tonight, i've dug up an old post (from June 2005 - that's old folks!), as I felt like bringing a tiny bit more attention to an indie pop hit that I love and no one else seems to remember. One day I dream of djing this somewhere. I would be the only person dancing, but that would be fiiiine. Here's my original post!:

Okay here's a band that were quite clearly forgotten because they didn't make much of an impression in the first place. The promo copy that I own of their second single, Disco Queen, states:

'Junk release their second single for Ye Gods Records on October 19th [2000]. After a triumphant performance at the "In The City" industry showcase, the Colchester four-piece continue to gather A&R interest.'

Other than that, the only other info I could dredge up was that their first single was called My Baby's Got Green Hair, and although I seem to recognise the name, i've no idea what it sounded like or even if I heard it. Steve Lamacq played Disco Queen a lot for a few weeks, and I managed to pick up a promo of it at a record fair for 25p. After that, they disappeared off the face of the earth. Anyway I thought the single was pretty cool in an early Ash kind of way, so here are all three songs from the single for your listening pleasure.

Junk - Disco Queen
Junk - Pop Star
Junk - Everywhere


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