Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Evening Session: Eels (2001 Souljacker Tour)

I adore, always have adored, and always will adore every single thing that E and the Eels produce. They're the only band where I can say i've bought everything they've ever released on the day of its release, down to every single. I thought that their last record, the double Blinking Lights And Other Revelations was the best yet, and there really seems to be no limit to the amount of amazing songs that can be written by one man.

So here we have the contents of another audio tape i've fished out of a drawer. It's an interview and four track session recorded for Steve Lamacq's Evening Session on the week of the release of the Souljacker Pt. 1 single and a week before the album of the (almost) same name came out. Thus we get three tracks from that record, and a pretty darn good cover (which I saw them do live at Reading that year!). It's a reaaally good session, so I hope you like it.

Eels - 01 Interview
Eels - 02 Get Ur Freak On (session)
Eels - 03 Dog Faced Boy (session)
Eels - 04 Woman Driving, Man Sleeping (session)
Eels - 05 Souljacker Pt. 1 (session)

Tonight you may also want to check out a new blog set up by a friend, the mucho promising Hell Is Chrome. At the mo he's got stuff from the excellent An Emergency, Los Campesinos and Jenny Watson. Uber-rockin!

There's also a new episode the Contrast Podcast online today, which, as ever, is ALWAYS worth your time. This week the theme is Why?


Blogger Tim Young said...

Mmmm Eels always make me hungry. Why I'm not sure. I seem to be asking myself that a lot today. I suspect you will be glad to know that you will be kicking off the next part of the song chain as soon as the other contributors get their arses in gear! Cheers, MC T.

10:30 pm, March 06, 2007  
Blogger JC said...

Nice words Jamie. A much-underated band who are far from being the bunch of miserablists that the music press likes to label them with.

3:15 pm, March 07, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great! E is always with me. My iPod actually is more of an Epod. This is a very fine add. Thx!

9:24 pm, April 14, 2007  

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