Sunday, February 18, 2007

I Miss Them: Fugazi - Inner Ear Demo 1987

I miss Fugazi. A lot. Unlike a lot of unlucky people, I did in fact get to see them (at their 2nd to last show to date back in the hazy days of...2001), but still they were one of the bands that really got me into experimental music, and I would LOVE to hear a new record.

Still they have left us with an awful lot of music to digest, including a few rarities that to be honest I still don't feel i've listened to enough. As well as those Albini-produced demos for 1993's In On The Killtaker, another much bootlegged and completely excellent addition to the unofficial Fugazi roster is their 1987 demo. It was recorded at the legendary Inner Ear Studio, which would be the home of the band for the entirety of their career, and features stellar early versions of songs that would feature on the Fugazi and Margin Walker EPs and 1990's Repeater LP, as well as a few tracks that are a bit rarer, such as In Defence Of Humans and the unreleased (on record anyway) The Word.

If you like the tunes and don't yet own the bands ENTIRE CATALOGUE, make sure you head over to the recently refurbished Dischord website to go and buy what you don't have. They're one of those bands that truly truly deserve your money. Enjoy!

Fugazi - 01 Merchandise (demo)
Fugazi - 02 (Don Talking) (demo)
Fugazi - 03 In Defense Of Humans (demo)
Fugazi - 04 Break In (demo)
Fugazi - 05 Song No. 1 (demo)
Fugazi - 06 Bad Mouth (demo)
Fugazi - 07 The Word (demo)
Fugazi - 08 And The Same (demo)
Fugazi - 09 Waiting Room (demo)
Fugazi - 10 Furniture (demo)
Fugazi - 11 Joe No. 1 (demo)
Fugazi - 12 Joe No. 2 (demo)


Blogger JER said...

many thanks for these tracks. I haven't listened to them yet but, being Fugazi, I know I'll love 'em as much as you.
Don't suppose you've got any more, do you?

6:20 pm, February 18, 2007  
Anonymous drheavy said...

I had this on cassette many years ago. It had worn out and I thoght it was lost for good. I always tought it was the best representation of the band in its truest form. The first time I saw them perform was in the dorm at my college on the first tour, when this was the only recording they had. thanks for the cool memories.

8:01 am, February 22, 2007  
Anonymous Destroyer said...

man... you made my day! thx

5:26 am, March 03, 2007  

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