Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Wedding Present - Dalliance / Niagara

I've been listening to raaaather a lot of The Wedding Present this week. I realised after someone posted about the stunning Seamonsters album on a messageboard that it had been something like three months since i'd heard anything by them at all, which is odd really considering most of the time at least one lp or single is always in rotation on/in my turntable/mp3 player/head. Anyway so last weekend I went to a rather good record fair and came away with some nice and very cheap 7" copies of the Dalliance, Brassneck and Nobody's Twisting Your Arm singles, all of which inspired me to put something up here. The Weddoes are of course still very much a going concern, and the recentish comeback Take Fountain was easily one of the best albums of David Gedge's career.

Here then, directly from the 7", with realistic surface noise and needle lift sounds, are both sides of the Dalliance single. Enjoy.

The Wedding Present - Dalliance
The Wedding Present - Niagara


Blogger Jeff said...

Fuck yeah! Thanks very, very much!



5:05 am, March 01, 2007  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

David Gedge has a little white dog called Eric who ran around on stage at the 1988 Reading gig. It's true! Actually, it might not be true. If you happen to know differently, please confirm so my friend (Eric) will shut up.

3:13 am, March 05, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with this.

Sounds remarkably like early Tradgically Hip (Canadian band).

Are you familiar with them?

5:27 pm, April 09, 2007  

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