Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Back In Tut' Day: Idlewild (circa 1998)

So in the last week or so Drowned In Sound has been infected with very annoying adverts for the very average sounding new Idlewild single. Sadly the band seem to be somewhat of a terminal decline, which is a big disappointment for people like me for whom they were one of the first British Indie bands we got into. They were a real breathe of fresh air, mixing Wedding Present style emotion with Sonic Youthy dynamics and a real sense of youth to them. As a 14 year old they were for me just about my favourite band on earth.

Anyway I was sorting through some old audio tapes and found one containing a bunch of old Idlewild session tracks and interviews that I had taped from the radio around 1998-1999, when they were releasing their first record, the stunning Hope Is Important. I thought i'd put some of it up here for the fellow nostalgia hounds to enjoy. First up is the band playing A Film For The Future on a French radio show. Second is an interview with Steve Lamacq just before the release of the debut album. Third is a rather silly Evening Session skit where Bob from the band goes travels around New York, and fourth is an album track, the lovely Paint Nothing. Hope you likee!

Idlewild - Film For The Future (French radio, live in Paris February 1999)
Idlewild - Interview on Evening Session October 1998
Idlewild - Bob's Guide To NY on Evening Session November 1998
Idlewild - Paint Nothing


Blogger Samir said...

that NY guide is great, didn't have that before - thanks.
i've got a bunch of live shows they did for lamacq, thinking about putting up the glasgow garage gig, first airing of little discourage, some other gems in there. keep an eye out!

10:29 pm, March 04, 2007  

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