Saturday, March 24, 2007

Out Soon: Maxïmo Park - Our Earthly Pleasures

The forthcoming second album from Maxïmo Park, Our Earthly Pleasures, is quite simply the best British album i've heard so far this year, and I can't really see anything beating it. The amount i'm listening to it I also wouldn't be surprised if it was my favourite album of the year overall; it really is THAT good. It's also a very nice development from their debut, both more mature and confident and yet not really that much more commercial, as some fans had predicted it might be when Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, Pixies) was announced as the producer.

Overall it's probably a little more downbeat than its predecessor, with a lot more piano throughout, but luckily frontman Paul Smith's lyrics have improved so much that its never a problem (I should note that his vocals are really quite astounding in places, the boy seems to have been practicing.) Norton's production is powerful without sounding unnatural, and I cannot WAIT to hold a real copy in my grubby indie-nerd hands. Anyway so the single Our Velocity which I posted a few weeks ago came out on Monday, and I totally recommend that if you haven't bought a copy/bought an mp3 so far that you do by tomorrow so that it gets the chart placing it deserves. Definitely the indie pop single of the year so far by a very wide margin.

Today I thought I'd post an album track from Pleasures, as well as the added bonus of the wonderful Field Music remix/reworking of I Want You To Stay (originally from the debut). The album is out on the 2nd April! Enjoy, and have a good weekend folks!

Maxïmo Park - By The Monument
Maxïmo Park - I Want You To Stay (Field Music mix)


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