Friday, July 06, 2007

Peel Session: Ladytron (2001)

The lineup for this December's upcoming All Tomorrow's Parties festival (this time curated by Portishead) is starting to shape up rather nicely; recent additions including the amazing Boris, the still evolving and still absolutely vital Earth, Autolux and the UK's own fabulous Ladytron. No doubt it'll be an incredible weekend and it's nice to see such great British bands on the bill after the slight American bias of the last few ATPs. Anyway I've dug up a nice old Ladytron session for you.

The band have been pushing their fem-vocalled analogue electropop for quite a while now, and so it was nice to see 2005's lovely Witching Hour LP getting some deserved critical dues. The band only recorded two sessions for Peel, and this was the first. Most of the material is taken from their debut album, 2001's 604. It was recorded in December 2001 and broadcast at the end of January 2002. Enjoy!

Ladytron - 01 Zmeyka (Peel session)
Ladytron - 02 Holiday 601 (Peel session)
Ladytron - 03 Another Breakfast With You (Peel session)
Ladytron - 04 Disco Traxx (Peel session)


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