Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New Band: The Gentle Good - Dawel Disgyn EP

The Gentle Good is the music making moniker of one Gareth Bonello, a Welsh artist who is going to be releasing his first EP around the middle of July. Much in the style of other folk artists who have enjoyed a recent revival, his EP displays a blend of singer songwriting nuance with a really genuine feel for traditional celtic music. Some songs like the title track are sung in Welsh, in a relaxed style that reminds me of both Gryff Rhys' excellent Mwng record and of older artists such as Vashti Bunyan. Elsewhere other songs are highlighted by smooth string sections reminiscent of Nick Drake. The recording is absolutely lovely; and although the quality of the songs varies quite a bit throughout (the middle two tracks seemed to slip past; too placid to excite), in places it's pretty darn good, and very impressive for a first recording. He's playing at the Green Man and Latitude festivals this summer, and as ever you can of course go to myspace for more info. Ttfn.

The Gentle Good - Dawel Disgyn
The Gentle Good - Waiting For Jane


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